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We are an ecofriendly and all-natural beauty brand with a sense of cheekiness:)

We are committed to showing our customers that we can give them the same high-quality products from all-natural ingredients, without any animal testing or dangerous chemicals.

" With every purchase made, Moohoo will plant 1 tree in our Moohoo (Tree-Nation) forest! "

Our mission is to continually search for sustainably produced beauty products and seek better ways for these manufactures and producers to grow and be recognized. Therefore in our quest for this, we are prepared to give up a % of our sales to support such ecological organizations around the world to help restore the flora and fauna of the planet we live on.

We are not a huge corporation, but we can lead by example and so then more and more like-minded people and businesses can start thinking the same way.


"From acorns grow huge majestic oak trees, it starts with a dream in mind and then a need to act on this."

Today we find ourselves at a tipping point with the possible disastrous consequences of global warming there is an urgent need for us all to face reality and so we must be committed and act together to reverse this potential disaster.

Together we can achieve great things by and turn things around for the sake of our planet, the flora and fauna and importantly our children and their children’s to secure their future.

So our strategy is simple and that is to just keep planting more trees. With every purchase made from Moohoo 1 tree will be planted in the Moohoo forest.

" Will you join us? "

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